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WARNING: Do not lock loaded guns on the RAC!

The RAC was originally designed to provide a better anti-theft device for securing important tools and equipment.  But in the process, the company saw their developing product as a viable option to help reduce the ongoing problem of gun theft.  Additionally RAC Holding Company saw the RAC gun lock as a solution to the concerns of gun owners with children in the household.  The product addresses their concerns of child gun safety and prevents accidental gun shooting and deaths.

William McMurray inspired by Warren Maule, his stepfather, and with the assistance of Mathew Mullen designed the first RAC patent.  The current product line has five patents with others pending.

The RAC is the "ultimate" anti-theft gun storage and gun safety device.  It is superior to other gun locks, gun safes, trigger locks, gun boxes and gun cable locks.   It securely locks the gun and its patented mounting system allows you to atached the unit to a wall stud or other suitable location to prevents the firearm from being taken.

                            " THE 'RAC' KEEPS GUNS SAFE "