Don't You Owe It to Yourself, Your Family and Your Community to Use The Best Gun Lock Available Today?

The RAC Gun Lock System, already used by law enforcement for gun storage, is available for home and consumer use.

"Guns Protect Your Family – So Does the RAC Gun Lock "

Gun Safety is a major concern for gun owners, whether they may have children of their own or not.  Home firearm safety is important, as is gun safety where ever you travel.  If you have a carry concealed weapon (CCW) permit, you will still have to check your gun at some locations.  A gun lock system that is strong and versatile helps protect your family and your community.

The RAC  Gun  Lock  - Superior to Trigger Locks, Cable Locks and Gun Safes

  The 'RAC'  is a unique ‘gun lock’ and ‘gun safety’ storage system.  It is superior to other gun locks, gun lock boxes, gun trigger locks, cable gun locks, gun cabinets and gun safes because the RAC is designed with both a trigger lock and a tamper-resistant mounting system

When properly installed; the RAC gun and trigger lock prevents gun theft, unauthorized gun use, and the accidents frequently associated with “kids and guns”.

Versatile, easy to install, easy to use and virtually tamper-proof; parents can rest peacefully knowing their children and others around them are safe when guns are secured with the RAC “gun locking” system.

The “RAC” patented gun lock system comes with three (3) different locking plates and can securely lock and store most handguns, rifles and shotguns.  It can be mounted on any surface in the home or a secure place in a vehicle (where permitted).    However, when the firearm is needed; the RAC is equipped with quick, easy key access.  

Anyone having a ‘carry concealed weapon’ (CCW) permit must have the “RAC” gun lock system.  CCW owners frequently find themselves in locations where they can not keep the weapon on their person.  Lock it in the "RAC" and be assured it is left safe and secure!  (see red colored gun at screen right).

  Police and law enforcement highly endorse the RAC's effectiveness as a superior "gun lock" and "gun safety' storage system. Doesn't your family deserve to be protected by the same gun trigger lock system that is used by the brave men and women of law enforcement? 


"RAC"  IT !

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