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Gun Locks for Law Enforcement

  The RAC is the ideal gun lock and firearm storage system for police and other government agencies. 

Strong and versatile, the RAC’s tempered steel construction withstands over a ton of pull pressure; and the patented, hidden "wall or vehicle" mounting system makes it virtually tamper-proof.  

Easy to use and secure, the RAC gun lock comes in two sizes.  The standard model for single gun lock security and the larger version used to secure multiple handguns, rifles and other sensitive life saving equipment.  Any number of RACs can be keyed alike. 

Whatever requirements your agency may have for gun locks and secure storage of guns and other sensitive equipment, the RAC is your lock of choice!!!        

*The RAC can be installed in a vehicle, either in the trunk or within the vehicle compartment

*RAC units can be keyed alike.  

*Locking arm swivels 360 for easy use  

*Stationary locking post passes through trigger housing

*Adjustable trigger pin holds items in place  

*RAC is available in two sizes

*Secures confiscated guns from suspects.

Please visit  to order:

  Standard storage model        Part # 93000056    

Multi-storage model               Part # 93000063 
      'Use your GSA Advantage Card'