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“I took the device home, followed the instructions and secured the device to a wall stud in my furnace room.  Using the security key for the safety lock, I opened the device and inserted and locked down my Sig Sauer P220.  I was unable to remove the device… the lock proved to be impenetrable.  The gun was virtually inaccessible by an unauthorized user and totally inoperable.  Yet utilizing the key for the security lock, in seconds I was able to unlock the device and have my firearm available for use in case of an emergency.  For these reasons and in the name of responsible handgun ownership, I whole-heartedly encourage production and sale of the RAC.             Michael T. Barrett, FBI (Retired)



I recently purchased the RAC and I am very happy with it. I have a gun safe, but because of its size it is not in a very accesible place in my home.  I wanted to find something to put in my bedroom, but with 3 children, I needed something secure.  The RAC was just the ticket.  With the two different trigger plates that comes with it, not only can I mount any of my handguns, but can also mount my shotgun.  Also have a CCW permit and plan to mount a RAC in my vehicle for use when I have to leave it in the car.  Like how easy the RAC mounts...trigger plates can be switched out in second.  You have a great product.                    Michael Pacella


Concerning the RAC gun lock/storage system, I must say that I think the design is sound.  It is easy to secure, easy to use, and allows a weapon to be readily accessed in a hurry.  The fact that the RAC can be mounted to a wall is another factor in its favor.             William Johnson, Homeland Security.


I believe the RAC to be a revolutionary product that is a helpful deterient in the misuse of handguns.  I also believe that the RAC will assist law enforcement in its efforts to promote gun safety .     Officer Allen Cox,  Wayne County Sheriff's Office

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